HI-LO Smoke Company

What was once a hobby has turned into a weekend job. Call HILO Smoke Company to cater your next BBQ event.

B-B-Q in the south is a way of life. For these three southern boys, our weekend hobby has turned into a business; making our mama's proud and bringing to you our passion for B-B-Q.
HI-LO Smoke Company, based out of Greenville, SC, introduces our two signature sauces, "Ole Yeller" and "Cherry-Q." Even though each sauce has its own qualities and flavor, they both exemplify what we feel traditional B-B-Q is all about. We have spent many long nights and weekends over the past several years perfecting these two sauces, and they will soon be sold in stores near you. Whether you crave the cherry-infused tomato based "Cherry-Q" or the melt in your mouth mustard based "Ole Yeller" of the Carolinas, grab a bottle today.
From our backyard to your table, enjoy!

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